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Can I Pass a Drug Test by Drinking a Lot of Water Beforehand?

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Detox Water For Weed

While there is a growing acceptance for cannabis use across America, there are still mandatory drug tests in many industries. Most businesses don’t announce when drug tests will occur, what amounts they’re testing for, or which drugs they’re looking for. For some people who utilize cannabis for medicinal reasons, this can be a source of great anxiety — especially if they’re only an occasional user.

As people are looking for how to flush out their system, many myths arise about the best methods to beat each test. When it comes to using water to detox for weed, many people think that drinking an excessive amount is the key. Does water actually clean your system of weed or is it just another myth? Learn more about the theory behind the myth and whether or not it’s accurate from the experts at Green Gone Detox.

The Science Behind Using Water to Detox Weed

Drug tests administered at your work will most likely be urine tests that examine the concentration of THC in any given sample. Since trace amounts of cannabis byproducts are passed in your urine, people think that drinking tons of water will dilute their urine and flush everything out faster, leaving their urine cleaner for the drug test. The myth attests that you’ll need to drink between two pints and half a gallon to achieve the dilution required to pass the test.

Potential Problems With Detox Water for Weed

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Once you figure out how to flush your system with water, you may be thinking it’s a done deal. However, there are a lot of problems you could encounter, including suspiciously clear urine, low creatine concentration, and overhydration.

Clear Urine

The concentration of THC in your urine is just one factor that labs look at. They also examine the color of your urine and may get suspicious when it’s too clear. One way people try to overcome this hurdle is by supplementing with vitamin B, since it gives urine a yellow color.

Creatine Levels

In addition to urine color, labs also look at the concentration of creatine — a protein that’s released by your muscles over the course of your everyday activities. If your creatine levels are too diluted, the lab may flag your test and require another one. This second test would most likely be a saliva or hair test — which is much harder to fool.

Is It Worth It?

Trying to fool a drug test with a water detox for weed seems like a ton of work. First, you need to chug a huge amount of water before the test, then pop a couple of vitamins, and finally hope that you’ve calculated the right amounts of everything to avoid suspicion. There are also potential side effects to drinking too much water, like altering your electrolyte levels in dangerous ways or overhydrating to the point of deadly health complications. So, while drinking lots of water can clean your system of weed, it’s not the best method for most people. Using a natural detox kit along with a holistic health and wellness lifestyle and diet is a much safer and more effective way to supplement how you’re flushing your system with water. 

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