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What to Eat When Detoxing

Rainbow fruits and veggies

Whether you’re taking a tolerance break or you want to stop using cannabis completely, you should be as healthy as possible while you’re detoxing. As you detox, you may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. To minimize the struggle of withdrawal, help you detox faster, and bolster your general health, you should eat a healthy diet full of essential nutrients. If you’re wondering what to eat when detoxing, explore this basic overview from Green Gone Detox.

1. Fruit & Vegetables

What you eat when detoxing from cannabis is pretty similar to what you eat when you detox from most toxins. Fruits and vegetables are a great choice, as they’re both rich in phytochemicals that help regulate hormones, prevent damage to your cells, and support your immune system. Some veggies even boost liver function to help with detoxing, including onions, beets, garlic, and some mushrooms.

2. Complex Carbs & Whole Grains

whole grains and legumes

You might think that all carbs are created equal, but there are simple carbs and complex carbs. Complex carbs include legumes, whole grains, and vegetables that your body slowly digests and turns into energy. Skip the white bread and pasta in favor of oats, quinoa, sweet potato, wild rice, and winter squash.

What you eat when detoxing should also include unrefined whole grains, which can replace some of your favorite carbs with healthier alternatives like brown rice pasta, glass noodles, shirataki noodles, and mung bean noodles.

3. Healthy Fats

Fats are a hotly debated topic in the nutrition world. With so many different kinds of fats, it’s important to choose which ones are good to eat as you detox. Fats from dairy are generally less healthy, and you should have them in moderation. Instead, opt for fats from nuts, coconuts, hemp, avocados, and pumpkins. You can even find cooking oils made from these healthier sources. Find almond, olive, and avocado oil when exploring what to eat when detoxing.

4. Proteins

grilled chicken and greens

Many diets have different ideas on which types of proteins you should include in your diet. There are both animal and plant-based proteins. If you’re not sure which to include when considering what to eat when detoxing, try adding plant protein to your diet first. Lentils, chickpeas, almonds, tofu, and peanuts are all full of protein. If you decide you want to add animal proteins, aim for lean meats like salmon, bison, turkey, and chicken.

5. Supplements

The last thing you should have in your diet when detoxing from cannabis includes supplements, just in case you aren’t getting all the nutrients you need. Whether it’s a vitamin gummy, protein bars, or a green powder, these offer concentrated doses of the nutrients your body needs the most.

Get Started Today

Ready to add these things to your list of what to eat when you detox? Don’t forget to drink lots of water! As long as you stay hydrated, your detox will go better than you expect!

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